About me

Hey, thank you for stopping by! I am Peggy and I am a follower of Christ. In my initial years becoming a Christian, I had no idea what does it means to be a Christian. I had my up and down and always wondering why other Christian can be so successful and yet I am such a failure.  I could see God’s promises answered in other people lives but not mine. Along the way, I knew God did bless me as well but the blessing seems to last only a moment and troubles creeping in again. I was tossed around and tried to survive in life. I was not happy and angry all the time. I lost my confidence in life and I do not mind to end my life. I told God to take me home many times. I asked Him why He created me for! What was He thinking when He created me? If this is the life I need to live by, I rather die. There is no meaning in life. I was just passing by…

Until one day, instead of me dying, my beloved younger brother passed away. I was devastated and did not know what to say. I was silent and left confused…The time stands still.

It was in this darkest moment, God had mercy on me and He walked with me. In His inspired utterance, He talked to me. He reviewed to me the meaning of life. He guided me to find hope and dreams again. He helps me to find my passion and my calling. I found Christ in me.

Through this blog, I want to share and write about God’s love for everyday life with you and to remind myself as well. I hope my testimonies and my experiences can encourage, motivate and inspire you as we walk together with Jesus Christ in this journey of life.

I want to encourage you right now that the good news is “It is not about what you had done or what you are going to do. It is about what He had done for you”. Praise The Lord! 🙂