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Miss the mark or is it?

Miss the mark, missed out, mistake

When I was in Primary 2, I met a friend and there was one incident happened that I will never forget. One day, our English teacher gave us a homework to learn 10 difficult words over the weekend and there will be a spelling test on 5 random words from the 10 on the coming Monday. When Monday came, we were prepared for the spelling test. While we were waiting for the teacher to come to the class, I asked my friend whether she was able to remember all the 10 difficult words. To my surprise, she responded that she did not really learn the 10 difficult words but rather she put an effort to learn some other 5 words that she preferred. I was speechless and puzzled and, in my heart, I was thinking she is missing the mark. Indeed, the following Monday when the teacher announced the test result, my friend got 0%.

Due to this incident, as I was growing up, I always remind myself that whatever I did, I shall not make this mistake of ‘missing the mark’. Many times, I advised my sibling and friends to not fall into this trap. Sometimes, I even joke about it and regarded it as ridiculous.

Many years later, when I was in adulthood, with the twist and turns of life, I was given an opportunity to experience the ‘missing the mark’ slip-up as well. I was devastated and disappointed with myself. Having the mess-up feeling of doubt, anger and helplessness, I dare not move forward and my life was stagnant for a while and it was miserable.

Life went on and one day as I studied the word of God, my heart was stirred up by a verse in Matthew 10: 42 and it goes like this: And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.

God reminded me of my friend’s incident and He gave me a revelation that set me free. God changed my mindset towards this incident and he turns the ashes into beauty. God revealed to me that if we focus on the Primary 2 English spelling test, my friend did miss the mark and she did suffer the consequence of getting 0% in the result. However, in the perspective of this life, the 5 words that she put an effort to learn did not go in vain because it is still valid, and she can still use it for whatever course she is in. But the English spelling test had been long gone and forgotten.

My friend’s incident may sound innocent and silly but somehow in life, we may do some innocent and silly things too. If today you suffer the consequence of your own ‘missing the mark’ slip-out, don’t be disappointed and angry. Look to God and entrusted your effort to Him. You will never know how He can use your ‘miss the mark’ effort to bring you closer to accomplish the will of God in you.

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I wish you a happy life and always look at the bright side.


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