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Bullet Journal – You should start one too!

Bullet Journal, journal, writing, reading, pen, brush,I got to know Bullet Journal about one year ago while I was searching for inspirations for my daily journaling. At first, I was enticed by its name though I did not really understand the concept behind it. The name Bullet Journal or BUJO, sounds catchy and interesting and there were loads of ideas and inspirations over Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook groups about it. As I continued to get more in-depth with its concept, I told myself I must give it a try. Indeed, after one year, I can say that I had a great time with Bullet Journaling and I am totally into it. It changed me, and it changed my life.

What is Bullet Journal❓

Bullet Journal is a creative organizational system created by Brooklyn-based designer Ryder Carroll in 2013 from his 20 years of daily practices organizing his own life. You can get to know more about him and the core of the system at his blog at bulletjournal.com.

One of the uniqueness of this system is that it is not digital but analog, which is a great way to have a daily dosage of digital detox and to get in touch with your natural self. This system is suitable for everyone in any stage of their life. Whether you are student, entrepreneur or housewife, it works for you. The system is not complicated but rather is simple, soulful and flexible. It is a framework consisting of many modules that you can customize to your own personal taste and flavor. In a nutshell, the Bullet Journal is all about you and you alone, and how cool is that?

Bullet Journal can merge all your planner, journal, to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and dairy into one Bullet Journal. It is designed to help you to do more with less. Eventually, it will empower you to stay focused, productive and mindful of how you spend your time and effort on your daily basis and the realization of your dream in your life.  It is also an amazing platform for self-expression and self-exploration. As you bullet journal for long enough, you can really understand and get to know more about yourself which is important for effective personal growth and self-improvement. Undeniably, bullet journal will change you and improve your life.

How to set it up❓

Before you pen down your planning, scribble your daily tasks or doodle your brush calligraphy, you will need to setup your Bullet Journal first. This part is essential as it is the framework of your bullet journal. This is where you mix and match the modules to work with your daily routine, your personality, and your needs. Hence, it is worthwhile to spend some time to carefully ponder and design your bullet journal. Remember to have fun, be slow, simple and soulful and do what works best for you.

To kickstart, you just need a physical notebook and a pen. However, since you are to deal with your bullet journal daily, it is important to get one that is right and appropriate for you.  Get yourself a good and quality notebook, especially ink-proof paper type, with page between 80 to 250 pages. It can be a simple lined, grids, dotted or plain notebook which can be purchased from the local or online store. Most of the Bullet Journalist prefer dotted or grid notebook due to the guided dot or grid that enable them to draw, handwriting and doodle in a neat and tidy manner, which personally I also preferred. Apart from that, you may want to consider the size of the notebook you intend to use. The common size will be 5.75 x 8.25 inches. However, 8 x 10 inches is popular too. For the writing material, you may want to get ready some pens, pencils, and eraser that allow you to write, draw and doodle smoothly.

The following are some common and recommended notebooks and writing stationaries that are friendly towards bullet journaling. Click on the image to check it out!

The Notebooks:

The Stationaries:

The framework and the modules 

Now, with the notebook and the writing materials ready at hand, we will advance to create and design the framework of the bullet journal. The following are the 8 modules you can mix and match to create your Bullet Journal.

Index Page 👉This page is the Table of Contents of your Bullet Journal. It serves to provide a view at a glance of what is inside your bullet journal and for easy lookup. The main information in this page is the page number and the page title of a collection. Just reserve the first two pages as your Index Page. As and when you create your collection page, just jot down the page number and the title of the collection for future reference.

Key Page 👉This page is to track all the symbols and short-form notation used to represent the tasks, events, and notes in your daily entries. The information collected on this page is simply the symbols and its meaning. Normally the position of this page is at the page after the Index Page. However, you can be creative to make it into a bookmark or clip-on for easy reference.

Future Log 👉In the future log, it records down all the future tasks and events which for example birthdays, holidays, trips, meetings, appointments and more. You can keep this as yearly or monthly. I prefer to keep it as yearly and position it after my Key Page so that I can view it at one glance for monthly convenient planning.

Collections for Year at a glance 👉 These are the pages or collections where you would like to track and record information that you can view in 12 months at one glance. For example, books to read, saving goals, period tracking or movie to watch in a year.

Monthly Log 👉In this log, you will drill down to your monthly tasks and events and focus on that very specific month only. Here you can have your monthly theme and inspiration and monthly collection pages. For the monthly log, you can start at any month you like and not necessarily start from January. You just start at the month where you are in.

Collections for Month at a glance 👉These are the pages or collections where you would like to track and record information that you can view in the month at one glance. For example, monthly habit tracking log, expense log, weight management log and so on.

Daily Log 👉This is the place where you will encounter your bullet journal daily and in fact, it is the heart of your Bullet Journal. Narrow down your goals to daily bite-size to-do, tasks, and events and allow yourself to achieve your dream bit by bit.

Collections for Day at a glance 👉These are the pages or collections where you would like to track and record information that you can view in the day at one glance. For example, daily meal plan, gratitude log, Bible reading plan and so on.

With the above straightforward framework, you can now proceed to create yours. Take your time, ponder through, have fun, be creative and be you.



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