Regular Journaling

What is Journal Writing?

📝Journal Writing or Journaling is basically a personal record, usually daily, of happenings, occurrences, experiences, observations, ideas, reflections or thoughts. It does not require a perfect writing skill to journal. In fact, it does not even matter if your grammar is out. You just need to write or doodle your hearts out. However, it is a habit that we need to cultivate and nurture to experience its lifelong positive impact.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Journal writing is for everyone. Anyone at any stage of their life can do journal writing. Whether you are a toddler or grandparents, a student or a working adult, man or woman, happy or sad, sick or healthy, mundane or extraordinary, there is a journal for everyone.

🤗Through years of journal writing, I recognized that it is a powerful life tool that has the positive impact on our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, social and environmental well-being. It helps to clarify our thoughts and feelings and keep us sane. It increases our productivity and creativity. It also enables us to resolve problems effectively and communicate with others properly. And the best of all, journaling is no complaining, all accepting and non-judgmental friend. It is the best self-help buddy that you could ever have.

👴👵In years to come, when you flip through your journals, you will be amazed by yourself. You will notice how much you have changed, how you have grown and how much you have accomplished. These will bring much inspiration and encouragement to yourself. You can also turn your daily life records into books and inspire others. If you are willing, you may also pass your journals to your next generations and let them have a glimpse of you and be inspired and encouraged as well. Thus, journaling is indeed a cool thing to do.

👉Come and join me to enjoy, have fun and make the best out of Journal Writing! Pick your journal here and start writing, doodling and be productive.


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