Regular Journaling

How to start a personal journal writing?

Interested in personal journal writing and don’t know where to start? The good news is, you just need to start where you are and write. There is no right way or wrong way. The only way is your way. The way that you are comfortable and happy with.

However, if you are truly new, understood that you may feel a little bit too overwhelming. The following, I would love to share with you some practical steps and fun ways to start the ball rolling. Subsequently, when you are comfortable and confident with what you want, you may want to craft your own style and journal to the fullest for your well-being.

The setting:
Before you start writing, you may want to do some setting first. There are few questions you may want to ask yourself before you start your first entry.

First thing first, what would you like to write in your personal journal? Is it about your daily happening? Is it about the random thoughts and ideas? Is it about your quiet time with God? Or do you want to journal according to a specific topic which for example gratitude journaling, prayer journaling or soul-searching journaling? For a beginner, if you find journaling your daily routine seems mundane and dull and at the same time, soul-searching journaling is too intense, the best and easiest way to start with is gratitude journaling. Gratitude Journaling helps to draw the positive energy into your life. It is the antidote for your negativity. It helps you to focus on the good and see the beauty of your life. Simply, journal daily the events or people that you have encountered and pen the gratitude in them. This will change your life!

The next thing you need to decide is the type of journal you want to use to write your journal. Do you prefer analog or digital journaling? Analog journaling is for those who like to write with physical paper and pen. Either normal and basic line notebook or fancy and expensive leather journal, you choose whichever one that works for you. For those who are handy with digital devices, digital journaling is recommended. Nowadays, there are many journaling apps that you can download for free and it is convenient and easy to use, which for example Penzu, Evernote or OneNote. For those who do not mind privacy and like to share your journaling experiences with others, you can opt for blogging. Some options that are free and easy to access are, or Again, choose whichever one that works for you.

Starting a journal is exciting. However, maintaining one needs a little bit of effort. In order to make it a habit and be consistent, setting a timing and location for it is essential. You can set a time early in the morning or before bedtime for around 15 to 20 minutes. For the early bird, it will help you to have the focus and fresh start of the day. Writing for 15 to 20 minutes before bedtime is a good way to unwind and conclude for the day. However, some may prefer to bring along their journal wherever they go and write whenever they like. Personally, I am the early bird and I just cannot start my day without my 20 mins’ journal.

For location wise, some may prefer a specific place in order to help them to focus and be constant. Some may write at their study table, kitchen table, on the sofa or on the bed. My friend journals on the way to work in the train. Cool, right?

The entry:
Now that you are settled with the settings, it is time to get started. In every of your entry, do not forget to record the date and time and if possible take a selfie too. In future when you revisit your past, you will have wonderful nostalgic feelings. Trust me! You will love it.

For the contents, at first, you may not have much to write and that is perfectly fine. Just start with 1 or 2 sentences a day and soon and very soon, you will have your pages. You just need to write freely and without holding back. There is no need to pay much attention to the grammar and the spelling mistake. You just go ahead and write your heart out.

Some of the days, you may not have the mood to write. Whatever it is, the show must go on. Write down something funny or just simply tell your journal that you do not have the mood to write. The idea is not to stop and keep your commitment.

The keeping:
Finally, you may want to give a thought about your journal’s privacy. How you want to keep your journal from reading by others or it is fine to go public. Whether you place your journal on the table or locked in the drawer or set a password, it is good to think about it before you start your journaling expedition.

Now that you know how to start a personal journal, go ahead and set up yours. In the process, remember to enjoy yourself, be consistent, keep learning and improving and most of all, don’t give up. Journal writing is the beginning of many adventures in your life. Have fun, laugh at yourself and get to know yourself better and looking forward to a better you. 😎


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