Book Review

Book Review: Prayer Changes Things by Charles Livingstone Allen

pctAuthor: Charles L. Allen
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Published: January 2004
Rating: 😍😍😍😍
The Book: Amazon US

I was looking for books to read on my bookshelves about prayer and I came across this book. I remember this is my Christmas gift from my sister 6 months ago but I did not bother to read it till recently. At first, I do not have the intention to post a review of this book because I just wanted to read the book to refresh my prayer life. Besides, the reviews of this book are not that great. However, after I have finished reading this book, I found something valuable and I believe it is worth mentioning about. I have a new revelation about my encounter with Christ.

As the book’s title, this book is about Christianity Prayer. The author does not really discuss in-depth of the how-to part but very much about our heart attitude towards prayer to God.  This book has 24 chapters. In chapter 1 through 5, the author, Charles L. Allen, talked about what is prayer, who can pray, what is the value of prayer, how to pray, what can you expect from prayer and why there is sometimes unanswered prayer. From chapter 6 to 24, there are bite-size chapters about our heart attitude toward God in our everyday life which in turn serve as our spiritual foundation in our prayer life with God.

The writing is in plain and simple English and the information presented in bite-size capacity and straight to the point by the author make it easily understood. There is no big philosophy chunk that required cracking one brain to figure out. It is just simple daily encounters with God that we overlook or take for granted. Through these familiar encounters, the author is helping the reader to see the potential instead of defeat in one’s life. He is drawing out the truth that God embedded in us that bring freedom and victory in our life.

Through this book, I have new revelation of the meaning of Faith and how I can really live by faith and not by sight and how I can trust my heart knowing that God will back me up all the time. Besides that, I also learned that to become hopeless is to deny God. One chapter that really humbled me is Chapter 20 about Judas Iscariot. In this book, I found many gems that change my perspective to the better towards my relationship with Christ. I am glad I have read this book.

Overall this book is worth reading. However, I hope the book can be reorganized to better suit the title of this book. This is because if this book is read by young or non-Christian, they may not understand and appreciate the value of this book. I also find that this book just ended rather abruptly and I hope for more.

I would recommend this book to any Christian to read especially those who wish to live a powerful and victorious Christian life. It is so wonderful to know that living a good and blessed life is possible and practical.


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