Book Review

Book Review: Saving the saved-How Jesus saves us from try-harder Christianity into performance-free love by Bryan Loritts

Saving the saved, Bryan Loritts

Author: Bryan Loritts
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Published: October 11th, 2016
Rating: 😍😍😍😍😍
The Book: Amazon US, Book Look Bloggers

A few months ago, I’ve learned about BookLook Bloggers. It is exciting because you can join them and request books to read for free. In return, you are required to post a genuine and unbiased review for the book you read. The books are mostly Christianity-related. For this time around, I requested “Saving the saved-How Jesus saves us from try-harder Christianity into performance-free love” by Bryan Loritts.

This is a good read about Christian faith. Loritts pointed out the influence of meritocracy that robs Christian privilege from enjoying a life that filled with grace and mercy from God. Reference from the book of Matthew, Loritts shows the grace-filled life that Jesus long to give to His followers. A way of life that filled with future hope, God-created purpose and rest in the unshakable love of Jesus Christ.

This is the first time I read Bryan Loritts’ book. I find his writing encouraging, informative and helpful. He shared with his real-life experiences and is really inspiring and cheering. From his book, I’ve learned a lot and it opens my mind to look at God’s love in a new perspective especially in forgiveness and worry.

Overall, this book is worth reading and the message is clearly getting across. However, as I received this book in MOBI format, some of the words are distorted and at times I am unable to figure out what the words are. I hope the relevant party can do something about it.

I would recommend this book to every Christian to read. It is important to know and understand that it is not about what we have done or are going to do but it is all about what Jesus Christ had done on the cross for us.


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