New Year Resolution

2017 New Year’s Resolution

new-year-resolution-2017The fun thing I like to do in the last few days of the year is to think about my New Year’s resolution. I guess this is a psychology response to make myself feel more confident as I prepare myself to enter the New Year. Many remark that making New Year’s resolution is a waste of time because eventually, they fail to keep the promise. Because of this fear factor, many may enter the New Year unprepared. Well, it is better to be prepared than never. Perhaps one of the New Year’s resolutions is stop being too harsh on ourselves. Failure is not the enemy but a proof that we have tried. Just let the failure go and try it one more time.

In order to set achievable goals, we can keep our resolution simple, aim to improve ourselves and be a better person and true to our heart and don’t be influenced. It is not about the perfect resolution but to start the ball rolling to embark on a happier, healthier and better life. You will never know where it will lead. That is the fun of setting New Year’s resolution.

The following is my personal 2017 New Year’s resolution. I post it here so that I can stick to it till next December.

❤ Stop angry at my father. Since my younger brother passed away 2 years ago, my father behaves bizarrely. He becomes an angry man, unkind, selfish and bitter. I cannot comprehend his way of life. There is no hope and full of bitterness. I frequently quarrel with him in order to talk him out of his bitterness. However, it turns out to be hatred and resentment. Then, this Christmas, I realize my father’s gray hair abound and there is no smile on his face. Maybe my well-meaning quarrel with him has caused him, even more, heartache. So I have decided to stop angry and hating my father and let him be. I will stop lecturing him and let God take His place.

❤ Talk less and Listen more. Sometimes keeping quiet is a virtue. Eager to blast out our point of view without understanding other’s needs may not help in a situation. It will lead us to be self-centered. Keeping quiet and listen more can help us focus on the real situation and come out with a better solution. This is the point that I would like to improve on.

❤ Make peace with me. I regret that I was not around for my brother on his last day on earth. I know that he was waiting for me to say goodbye but I did not make it on time. I feel the regret and the unspeakable sadness. It has been 2 years now and I have decided to forgive myself and make peace with myself.

❤ Less of me, more of Jesus. For many years I become a Christian but I struggle to enjoy Jesus Christ. Then I realize that it is because I focus too much on myself instead of Jesus Christ. To enjoy the many benefits of being a Christ follower, we need to focus on Him instead of on ourselves. This will be my goal in my life.

❤ Stop thinking too much. I have an introvert’s mind. I believe it is a gift from God. However, I come to the conclusion that if I don’t master it, it will be an annoyance. Many a thought may come but it is not necessary to expand it. This is the part that I want to master it.

❤ Exercise more. This is my last year resolution that I failed to achieve. So I bring forward this resolution to this coming year. I have checked out an exercise and diet program that is easy enough to follow. I will share more in the coming months if I achieve the good result.

❤ Stop complaining and be more appreciative. Complaining is something that I know is bad for me yet I keep doing it. Many times, it upset me and makes me unhappy. I become frustrated and unappreciative of people or things that I have. So my resolution is to be more appreciative and enjoy the people and the things I have instead.

So, that’s my 2017 New Year’s resolution. How about yours? Have you come out with yours? Do not hesitate to share with me yours in the comment box or post your link there. Let’s look forward with favor to 2017. Happy New Year!


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