Book Review

Book Review: In Search Of The Real Spirit Of Christmas by Dan Schaeffer

In Search Of The Real Spirit Of Christmas
by Dan Schaeffer

Author: Dan Schaeffer
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Published: November 8, 2011
Rating: 😍😍😍😍😍
The book: Amazon US

I came across this book one day when I was reading a daily devotional at Our Daily Bread website. I was prompted to download this book. Since it is approaching Christmas, this book’s title seems inviting. So without hesitation, I downloaded it. At first, I just want to read this book for the season and at the same time, refresh myself about the story of the nativity of Jesus Christ and never intend to do anything with it. However, as I journey down this book, I have encountered more than I thought.

Schaeffer talked about what is the real Christmas Spirit is about? Is the Christmas Spirit about holidays, shopping for presents, sumptuous meals, Christmas decorations, caroling, time of giving and warm family gathering? If yes, then we are missing out big time. We are going too far away from the first Christmas, the real Christmas. This book brings you back to the first Christmas and gets a taste of how is the Spirit of Christmas really feels like. How those who involved in the first Christmas were celebrating? This book examines the responses of God, the angel, Mary, Joseph, the baby in the manger, the shepherd, Magi the wise men, King Herod and the animals in the stable toward the first Christmas. It talked about Luke 2:10, “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” Christmas is this good news that will bring great joy to all, yes you and me. You are part of the Christmas. Have you heard of this great news and experience the great joy?

From this book, I have learned more in-depth about God’s great love for us. I was in tears some part in the reading, learning about God’s amazing love for humanity. I have heard of this great news a long time ago but did not really pay much attention to the great joy. From this book, I see and experience the great joy. My heart is moved and my Christmas Spirit is renewed. From the Reflection & Celebration discussions at the end of every chapter, it provides helpful suggestions that help us in action to spread the great joy.

I highly recommend this book to everyone as the good news is for all. This is the book that you won’t regret reading it. It is full of God’s love and His blessing for you.


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