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My Top 56 Facebook Groups For Books/Blogs/Twitter/Google+… FREE Promotion

facebook group, free, book, marketingAre you looking for a free platform to promote your books, blogs, poetry, poems or your social accounts? Lately, I have been doing so on some wonderful Facebook Groups. I found my top 56 Facebook groups that I have joined to promote my books, blogs, social accounts (mostly Twitter and Google+) for free. These groups have lots of members and are very much active, friendly, responding and most of all able to help to spread the words for you.

Before you join these groups, please make sure to read the descriptions. Some have simple instructions and some are a bit complicated. Some are Public group and some are Closed group. Some are for author promotion which is really cool. For the promotion of the book, your books can be for free download, Kindle unlimited or paid book which are $0.99, $2.99 and beyond.

Here is the list:

# Name URL
2 $2.99 e-book Promotion
3 Advertise your book
4 Advertise your books
6 Author Pond
7 Author Promo and Book Sales Group
8 Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers
9 Authors
10 Authors 99¢ e-Books Promotion
11 Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group
12 Authors free and .99 and promotional book club
13 Authors Promoting Authors
14 Authors, Bloggers, Writers, Readers and Books
15 Awesome Free Kindle Books Here!
17 Book Chat Group
18 Book Club
19 Book Giveaways
21 Book Promotion and Reviews
22 Book Promotion Library
23 Book Reviews & Promotion
24 Book Viral
25 Bookaholics
26 Books — Reviews & Promotion
27 Books, Books and more Books!!!
28 BooksGoSocial Readers’ Group
29 Christian Authors
31 Christian Book Reviews
32 Christian Fiction Devourers
33 Christian Fiction Gathering
34 Community Author Books
35 CrossReads – Christian Books, Ebooks, Readers & Authors
36 E Books Rock.
37 Free Books
38 FREE books R Us
39 Free eBook Alerts for Christian Readers
40 Free Ebooks
41 free kindle and nook ebooks for readers
42 Free Kindle Books
43 Free Today on Amazon
44 Free Today on Kindle & Beyond
45 GNF Christian Readers, Books, Ebooks & Authors Unite!
46 Great Deals on Amazon Kindle
47 Indie Christian Authors
48 Kindle Publishers
49 List of ALL Book and Author Promotion Groups
50 Review Seekers
51 SALE books R Us
52 The Book Club Network
53 The Christian Book Club
54 The Kindle Publishing Bible (Author Support Group)
55 UK E-Readers’ Group Promotions
56 Women Writers Resource Group

I will keep updating the list as my top groups continue to grow.

Do you have any Facebook groups that you like to share or any other proven platform that have great results in books, blogs, poetry, poems or social accounts free promotion?

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