Book Review

Book Review: A Guide To a Happy Marriage by Faye Taylor

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A Guide To a Happy Marriage: How I Managed Not To Angry At My Husband Anymore
by Faye Taylor

Author: Faye Taylor
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Published: October 11th, 2016
Rating: 😘😘😘😘
The book: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU

Taylor shared her own experiences encountered regarding her relationship problems with her husband. Not that she don’t like her husband but in fact love him very much. However when face to face with different expectations and personality conflicts in the relationship, anger and hatred flared up. Taylor found out that God is the only answer to her marriage problems. Taylor shared in this book how she depends on God’s strength and His wisdom to maintain a happy marriage. This book shows God’s many blessing upon the marriage when the wife focuses on God instead of on her own agendas. Finally, she could cool down and would not angry with her husband anymore.

I find this book relevant and relating. It is practical and achievable. The God factor in this book is powerful and it changes the perspective regarding perfection and expectation towards ourselves and others.

Overall this book is great. However, there is still room to expand. I wish to read about the husband side of the story. How God work with him to bring blessing to his wife? It would be helpful to husbands, though.

I would recommend this book especially to women who intend to be a good wife and want to salvage their marriage. It is also suitable for those who are newly married, been together for years or single ladies who are waiting for their Mr. Right. Men and husbands who want to understand and appreciate their wives can start from this book.


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