Overcoming guilt from the past for good

regretHave you ever had a feeling that you cannot move on in your life due to the “not that wise” choices you had made in the past? These choices had caused you a miserable life and worst is that you have to live with it for a long time. It is irreversible. It is not only affecting you but the people around you too. You blamed yourself and you feel that you deserve it. These regrets drive you nuts everyday! It is so hard to move on. You are unhappy and hating life. You wish you can turn back the clock and you would definitely make wiser choices and live a better life.  Can you? Well, from my experience, you cannot turn back the clock but definitely you can do something about it.  There is still hope.

I was once in the same situation. My thought was full of regrets every day. I tried to hide my regrets and told myself to work with what I have left and make it better again. Situations get worst and I resolved to accept my mistakes and accepted that the many troubles and problems that caused by my mistakes as my punishments and I have to live with it forever. It was very tough and I ended up feeling lost and did not have purpose in life. My mind was blank and became a living death. At first, unknowingly, I blamed everyone that came near me, the situations that I am in, the government, my parents and the whole world.  I even blamed God! I lost my confidence and became fearful.  I lost my breath and I could not breathe. I was dying inside. I was in this situation for many years. When I was done blaming others I blamed myself. After all I was the one who pulled the triggers. Who else to blame but myself?

However when I came across the Bible, Psalm 51, I found hope. I found out that I am not alone. King David made mistake and had bad choices too. He suffered the consequences as well. He just cannot blame others but himself. However, I realized that King David responded to his situation differently.  Instead struggling in self-pity and work on self-help, he opted for God-help. He asked God for help and God delivered him and he managed to move on and achieved victories in his life.

Like King David, I asked the same God who healed him to heal me. I asked Holy Spirit to minister to me and support me. I asked Him to teach me to do right. I learned to surrender to Him every day and am still learning. I thank God for His faithfulness to me and how much He loves me. He never fails to satisfy me and help me to move on. I may not be perfect yet but I can see step by step, God has delivered me and I have been set free from my past faults and guilt. Now I managed to move on and achieving in life.

If you have reached this paragraph, I believe it is your turn now to opt for God-help. You have done enough self-help and you know that self-help can go thus far. In order to go further, you need God-help. Write your own Psalm 51 and talk to God. Ask God for help even right now. He will surely deliver you and give you a new life and a new hope. He is willing and able to help you. He is strong enough for you and He can afford to shoulder you.

Let the word of God minister to you: Acts 22:16, Romans 8:1, Hebrews 13:8, James 4:7, 1 John 1:9

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